Wealth Management System

BATM Wealth Management system (WMS) is a Comprehensive, integrated, multi-module platform dedicated to retail, affluent and all banking client segments.

Our WMS can support :

BATM WMS with possibility Enterprise integration :

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Dashboard Page

Customer Maintenance Page

Some BATM WMS advantages :

Supported by Subject Matter Experts - Business as well as Technical

  1. Our WMS Subject Matter Experts (SME) have 23 years of experiences in banking as well as WMS Operations
  2. Our Technical SME have proven track records in System Design and Understands the latest Technologies and their advantages and pitfalls
  3. Together, we are able to synergize our efforts to create a foundational basic WMS application that fits a bank’s WMS operational requirements as well as taking advantage of the latest technologies

We understand the right requirements for WMS Selling Agent Operation

  1. Our experiences provide us with a unique opportunities to ensure that the right requirements will be achieved, and the application will provide compelling features that are a delight to the market in the long run

  2. We promise that the resulting system will be as simple as possible, easy to use, powerful, robust and has good aesthetic and high

We understand how to build and implement system

  1. Latest Techs can be daunting, we should choose the technologies that are mature, fits well with our situation, and provide us with long term competitive advantages

  2. Need to be clear on how to move from Idea to Deployment, what tools to use, and how to design our development workflow around them

  3. Understands the Unique natures of Users and Developers, and how to ensure that what we’re building matches User’s needs